I've known one of the halves of Remade in America for almost 15 years, and the other half for five. Although we have not spent much time together, I consider them family. It seemed logical that since they were starting a clothing company, and I was launching a magazine, they should be my first interview. So interview I did, a year ago. Although much has happened in that year, I still found the hour we took to talk thought provoking and relevant to what was happening now. It's a long talk with many subjects, but mostly we talked clothes, and what to do with them.

K-Obviously the first question would be where did the idea of ReMade in America come from?
E-Last year I was invited to do design for an international clothing company, we went over seas to a third world country did production and experienced the fashion business from that end of things. We also went to a trade

show in Vegas and decided that that whole business is not something we wanted to be involved with. It was pretty disgusting the amount of money that goes into producing clothing and the amount of new clothing that is produced on a daily level.
C-The fashion industry is a terribly nasty industry, all that the fossil fuels that are being used up to produce clothes and to send clothes to America just because people want new clothes all the time.

K- So it was kind of a reaction to that
C- We decided that if we could do it that way we that we could do it on a much smaller scale. The idea is that ReMade is a site that would be more of a show case for people. Being artist we could hire other artist and be more of a gallery than a clothing company. So if someone we knew wanted to do clothes they could use ReMade as a vehicle they could make things and then put it up on our