It’s 49 hours before the party, I’ve been popping ibuprofen like mad, wondering to myself what was I thinking. I stuffed the Halloween candy, the candy I told the kids I threw away, into my mouth contemplating why I though starting an on-line magazine was a good idea. The answer I gave myself was, it doesn’t really matter what you think now, it’s happening, so you’d better start. And I’ve been writing this letter a hundred times in my head, thinking this time I had it, and then something would change and my brain would start the process all over again. How am I going to introduce Urban Jungle? And why did I feel the need to put yet another magazine into the world? This is what I came up with.

I am a 38-year-old married woman with two grade school aged kids, and I felt my relationship with weed was not being represented by the current marijuana

magazines out there now. The idea of a magazine to represent it had been floating around in my mind for sometime, but it wasn’t until after having breakfast with a group of women at the local joint we all gather after dropping the kids off at school, did the idea seem like a good one. There was much encouragement from the table once I opened my mouth and explained myself. So, if it hadn’t been for that morning, none of this would have happened.

This isn’t a how to magazine; there are plenty of those out there. This isn’t really a marijuana magazine at all. It’s more of a magazine with a marijuana undertone. You can’t have a magazine about the lifestyle of Northern California without it. There’s no getting around that bush. Pot is part of our culture whether you like it or not. That is not to say I haven’t had some hesitation. The plant is still “illegal” even though it is treated very differently here