Producing music through his own label out of Copenhagen, Jens Berents Christiansen AKA Rumpistol pushes electronic music into new territory

Rumpistol, self-titled, Rump Recordings 2003
EP: Cph Jazz, Auditory Designs, 2004
Mere Rum CD and LP, Rump Recordings 2005

An interview with Jens Berents Christiansen: electronic musician, producer and cool guy.

So, tell us about yourself:

I grew up in a suburb outside Copenhagen called Albertslund with my parents and two brothers. It was a very safe environment at the time and a kind of refuge for lefties and academics. Build in the early seventies the area called Galgebakken (the Gallows Hill!) was a pretty progressive housing project that put a big emphasis on social interaction between the residents, e.g. shared gardens and lots of playgrounds, a big community space with a kitchen + a local shop etc. The youth club there had a great music room in the basement with lots of instruments, a 4-track tape recorder a Roland space echo and an Amiga computer with a Roland sound module. I spent most of my free time there in the basement rehearsing