Dear Sex with Stella-

My boyfriend says his ex-girlfriends could have multiple orgasms, he says they were awesome in bed. I can barely seem to have one descent one during sex, got any suggestions?
Thanks -Inadequate

Dear Inadequate-
Well, a tough cookie huh? Well both of you need to loosen up a little. He needs to stop comparing you to his ex girlfriends first of all and you can tell him I said so! That only makes you feel inadequate. So, honey you need to loosen up your pussy, let it do the work, not your mind. Take your head out of the picture and feel with all your sensations. If you are thinking about not performing to his standards then you are not really being in the moment. Lets see, in my experience doing some deep connecting with you partner helps. First sit on his lap during sex, face each other forehead to forehead. Then begin moving your body in a cyclic rhythm, using your breath to guide you. As you breathe out he breathes in and when he breathes out you breathe in, keep going like this until you are just in bliss, the orgasms will follow. The orgasms happen when you in deep connection with your partner, and in the most deep surrender in your body. Using toys, and fingers  doesn't hurt eithe r.
Love- Stella







Dear Sex with Stella-
I am a flooder, its like a river, my boyfriends never seem to know what to think. Is this normal, if not what do I do? I really need my man to stick around and not be swept away in the flood!
Sincerely- Bed wetter

Dear Bed wetter-
Well I'll be-a flooder! From one flooder to another- howdy! Well this is not unusual, but it can be a little alarming. Especially if you are going at it on the floor or in a car! Just like in any natural disaster, the clean up is a big job. Be prepared with towels and wipes. Don't hold back though, it can be such a relief to release all that good stuff. If your men can't handle it then they are not man enough to be with you. Would he rather have it dry? Because that can be a deterrent as well. (Look up Roman "amrita") I say more power to ya!
Love- Stella










Dear Stella-
I'm running out of unique new positions and things to keep my lady interested. I think we need to try something new got any suggestions?
Thanks- Boring

Dear Boring-
The classics are well... classic! So don't give up on the missionary position, or doggy style, just try some variations! First suggestion- lay on your back and have your woman sit on you with her back to you. This gives you a whole new view on life- you have access to her rear, and you can watch her do magic! Then another variation of that is if she lays down on you on her back. This is nice because you can look at each other, and you can reach her clit! Don't forget to use toys, and fingers like I always say! A friend told me about this variation of doggy style that seems like something a contortionist would do, but it seems as though it is a popular one. Have your woman lay on her back with her head between your legs while you are on your knees. Then she lifts her booty in the air and puts her legs on the bed or around your waist. You enter from the back -either hole! This may be a quick position to try, she may get light headed from standing on her head. Have fun!
From- Stella









Dear Stella-
Do you think its obvious to people that I just went home and had a quickie with my lady at lunch and did not shower? Is this bad etiquette? I think a lot of people do it, but don't admit  it, am I alone in this?
From- Wearing cologne

Dear Wearing Cologne-
I am not surprised! It would take a guy to finally come out and say it! I think we have all done it once or twice but if you stink go frigin shower young man! I say if you smell like pussy or major B.O. then don't go back to work smelling like a sex worker!
On the other hand it depends on who your coworkers are, if you work construction then your "bros." might find it macho. If you have to go back to the office and you have to sit in the booth next to Sally and you can't tell if she had tuna for lunch or if it is you that you smell then I'll say no more!
Appalled- Stella