album: The Shepards dog
artist: Iron and Wine ( Sam Beam )
date released: 9/2007

Hmmmmm...."Iron and wine" seems to have became a much more familiar name.
I see anyone from your older greasy bartender and creepy mustached neighbor to the cool Indy rocker kids in high school blaring from a dubbed tape on an old boom box. Is it the fancy label SUB Pop who promotes and features them in various types of pop culture mags ? Maybe MTV giving them some late night air time. I would guess that most of its admirers can not help but to be drawn to the dramatic guitar riffs, accompanied by the most beautiful lament melodic falsetto voice if Sam Beam. The lyrics in this album kick some major ass,... no but really these could have been re copied by any one of our grandfathers hidden journals.His music always takes anyone who is listening back to some other time. I am and have been a fan /admirer of Sam Beams music for a few years the first album " The creek drank the saddle dry " which came out in 2002 was his first. They have four other full length albums out to date.My favorite album was " Our endless numbered days " which was released in 2004. I would highly recommend checking out the other albums to get a real raw bones , acoustic feeling of the true Iron and wine sound.The new album, " The Shepard's dog " is good although seems to be more saturated , rather that hearing the older " taped by a four track on the back porch sound ", I'm hearing more of an L.A. studio produced studio sound room.








Theres one song in particularly that even sounds as if Sam has borrowed a talk box /voice box things from one of the teen pop bands that "make it happen..." in the studio next door. I think that the lyrics have not been altered and are still AMAZINGLY real and some . brief interludes of falsetto and even some banjo keep me listening . This album had to grow on me ,and I had to ignore the reviews that had comments that said things like " I never liked them before , but this album is much more catchy..." or how the other albums were "not dynamic enough ( as this one ) to hold my attention." and just remember how originally talented and wonderful Iron and Wine ,Sam Beam are and be grateful that others are enjoying too.I feel like I just gave jesus christ a bad hurts my heart . I will end by saying I would still recommend this album to any and everyone who enjoys music ....if you are and old fan you probably agree with the negative aspects of " The Shepard's Dog ". I am definitely going to see him on Dec 2 in portland at the Chrystal ballroom ( if I can get a ticket before all the 40 year old crock wearing lesbian mothers) but you can go see him at The Paramount ( amazing place ) in Oakland CA on Nov 30.

reviewed by :H/dawg