Issue 2
Urban Jungle Spring Issue 2007
Issue 1
Urban Jungle Fall Issue 2006
Urban Jungle came out of a conversation I had while high. My friend Jungle, and I thought of the title of his book, urban tips from the jungle, one sunny October afternoon. The conversation faded, but the idea lingered. And when fiction turned into reality, and I needed a name for the insanity, my mind took me back in time.

Urban Jungle isnít so much about tips; weíre more about suggestions. Our first issue centered on marijuana. You canít really have a magazine about the lifestyle of Northern California without at least mentioning it, but it wonít be in every issue. I might be a stoner, but even I get tired of talking about it all the time. As with life, thereís much more to it then just smokiní dope. Thereís our frank conversation with the founders of Remade in America about rethinking fashion, along with an article about bio-diesel.

And as with life, life gets in the way and our second issue has started and stalled many times, so as we finish an opinion we post an opinion. We spent a morning at the Willits skate park with Christina and Jessica, two young gals I met through my friendís skate shop. Last December I talked with two brothers and my friend Nateon about their bike trip from Alaska to Argentina, thatís right, Alaska to Argentina. And with the first issue, our regular columns about music, gadgets, movies, books, advice, basically the stuff we have opinions on, continue.

So, I thank you for your patience as we work out the struggles we have encountered along our path to bring you urban jungle.