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the potted plant - a housewife's guide

a new play by: kim shepard
directed by: diane bailey

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"I have just two words for mothers who need a little something...marijuana and masturbation."

68 monkeys' new comedy answers the question, "How do you go from a condo in Irvine to a big country house on 100 acres with solar panels doing your laundry and a garden worth more than gold?"

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performed at
the shelton theater
533 sutter street, san francisco
(Parking at the Sutter/ Stockton Garage)

February 4 - 26

tickets: -1/2 PRICE at the Door
$10 (cash only)

available at:
TIX Pavilion in Union Square
(if paying by credit card)

or reserve online

(We are filming on Feb. 10th)

For Mature audiences only

For accommodations - www.cartwrighthotel.com

featured actors:
rebecca allington,
rich deike,
kori krehbiel,
xavier lavoipierre,
gabriella mingoia
costume design
kathy katz
lighting design
bruce lackovic
set design
michael mingoia
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